Ferlatta S.p.A.


Ferlatta S.p.A. is particularly attentive to respect for the environment during every phase of the production process. The company’s goal is to guarantee its customers a responsible purchase. For this reason, our raw material is

  • Example of a circular economy
  • A permanent material
  • Recyclable

Download our Sustainability Report: Sustainability Report 2023 Volta 71 Group

Download our Sustainability Report: Sustainability Report 2022 Volta 71 Group

We believe in a
sustainable world

The resources
of the planet

Ferlatta S.p.A. manages resources efficiently: this mentality has now become a fundamental policy of our company. Metal is a permanent material and its recyclability makes it possible to save on raw materials, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

100% Recyclable

The separate collection of metal containers allows the total recovery of raw materials and the saving of resources

79,8% Recycled metal packaging

With the aim of achieving a recycling start rate of 80% by 2021. To date, steel is the most recycled packaging material, both in Europe and Italy

-50% Crude metal

The use of 1 ton of recycled metal scrap saves about 2 tons of ferrous minerals.

Our company is a fundamental part of the steel packaging production chain, which places attention to the quality of raw materials and respect for the environment at the center of each stage of production. Production waste is separated from the rest of the materials and sent for recycling so that they can be melted again and transformed into new steel.

Ferlatta S.p.A. it also adheres to Anfima’s Metal Recycles Forever which combines all the environmental communication messages of metal packaging in Europe.


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